Creative Arts

Music and Arts can provide the heart beat for a community.  Art can communicate profound truth or intense emotion.  Music becomes the anthems of generations.  We want to use the gifts God gives us to create the heart beat for Central Assembly.  


Worship Team

Worship that lifts up Jesus Christ and lifts people to a place where they can experience God, is a core component to our services at Central Assembly. We not only want our worship to be genuine, but done with all the skill we possess. 


When we walk into church, we should not only feel the presence of God, but also see God’s house as exceedingly magnificent (1 Chron. 22:5). God’s love truly is amazing, so the way we communicate the message must reflect this. Our Production Teams are hands-on people and can help create these kinds of atmospheres.

Design / Video / Marketing

Excellence. That is our passion and that is what we strive for on the DESIGN // VIDEO // MARKETING Team! We are always moving to create newer and better designs, concepts, and video media that will make a Godly impact on the culture around us.